Wednesday, May 20

Leonardo DiCaprio Outbids Paris Hilton For An Expensive Chanel Bag For His Mum

40 year old Leonardo DiCaprio won an auction for a Chanel bag that he paid $11,146 on for his Mum at the Heart Fund Gala auction on Monday at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Paris Hilton, 34, was also bidding at the event at the Nikki Beach pop up restaurant at the Carlton Hotel.
'Paris was great. She bid on many things, and Leo did too'. 'Both her and Leo were so active during the entire auction. It was really nice to see.' A source at the event said.

The bag is a blue Neoprene flap Chanel bag embellished with flowers. Chanel doesn't even list the cost of the bag on its website, advising potential buyers to call.

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