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Seven things I have learnt from the Dino Melaye's Certificate Scandal

With this current situation of politician and senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Dino Melaye, it is imperative to note that the law makers are mostly the first breakers of their own laws.

It has been reported that Dino melaye didn’t graduate from Ahmadu Bello Unibversity Zaria (ABU) as he claimed. He also claimed he’s a graduate of London school of Economics and student of Harvard University. The both higher institutions have come to deny the claims why ABU is yet to make a statement on Dino graduating from Geography department from the prestigious university.

Here are 7 things I have learnt from this Dino melaye certificate saga, and I believe you should also take a clue from this incident.

Most Nigerian Politicians are not loyal and care about the feelings of the masses: If a Nigerian politicians are not loyal to this country. They are not afraid of the masses or our feelings. They just do what they like and how they like it. If they really care, some of them won’t use dubious means, forged certificate to enter the seat of power. So most of them are not loyal.

Our lawmakers are mostly the first to break laws: Most of our law makers are the first to break laws in this country. They don’t respect the rule of law. They just find a way to cover up their flaws after abusing the laws.

NYSC photos shouldn’t be enough proof that one served
: In this age and time when corruption and forgery is so easy in Nigeria, photos of you wearing NYSC uniform is not enough proof that one served because anyone can get the uniform and take a photo with it. So many Nigerian politicians have claimed that they served by showing us a photo of them on NYSC uniform. But how about showing us certificate rather than photo. Couple of children of rich Nigerian politicians don’t serve, and they will want to go into power years to come. Don’t be surprised that they will bring out photos of them on NYSC uniform that time.

It was reported that Davido served in Lagos from November 2015-october 2016. But during the orientation course he was far away outside Nigeria for a show. Years to come he go still tell you say him serve.

Keep records of your academic dealings and let them be genuine: We are in internet age, anything can be traceable. Not the age of yester years when getting information is difficult. Internet and Social media has made things easy. I have heard of people who keep their academic work records back in school, from their test scripts to others just to avoid future controversies. Because immediately you start climbing the ladder to greatness, people will start tracing your past. Having those records will help you tackle any educational controversy that comes your way.

I loved the way Former President Goodluck Jonathan handled his own when it was reported in the media that he never finished his PhD thesis. He just showed us his PhD results. Na so matter die down. But the records Dino is showing us are just contradicting themselves. Like, he said graduated in 2000 but claimed to go for his NYSC in 1999. The master project he showed us, he claimed he finished in 2015 but his supervisor’s signature was showing January 2017.

Laws and punishments are mostly meant for the poor people: If Dino would have been a poor man or a nobody he would have been thrown out of that senatorial position or arrested. ABU for don release statement long ago. But because he’s rich and powerful they kept mute. The Nigerian system is weird, it favours the rich and the powerful. With everything going on with Dino Melaye certificate saga, it’s obvious that there’s something fishy about it.

Nigerian Educational systems is in a big mess: Yes the Nigerian educational system is in a big mess. If it took within 24 hours to denounce Dino’s claims by Harvard and LSE that he never was once a student at the university, ABU which is a Nigerian university is not saying anything about it. It is easier to forge results in Nigeria without any verification. There are so many runs going on in our higher institutions. I heard of so many institutions that students have been studying for up to 3 years but yet to have a matriculation number.

Most Nigerian politicians parade themselves with Titles and things they are not: Nigerian politicians are always in the habit of showing off power. They parade themselves with titles they are not, e.g like MSc, msn, hsb and other sorts. It might interest you to note that most of these politicians forged their certificates and bought titles they didn’t earn. They will lie to us, and we bought the lies. Time has come when we have to verify very well about titles and academic records of our politicians before they contest for any position in this country.


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