Wednesday, June 14

Ex-convict caught stealing car battery in Lagos after leaving prison (PHOTOS)

An ex-convict has been nabbed for stealing car battery after leaving prison. Below is a report posted on Facebook by the victim, Femi:

"The name of this man is kazeem oseni  ,he was once a panelbeater. He recently just returned from jail, ever since he returned several car batteries have been reported missing.unfortunately for kazeem when mine was stolen i raised an alarm ,unlike others who kept quite and replaced theirs for kazeem to come back and steal it again.
''kazeem Aka Alake was a prime suspect because he was found loitering around at an early hour of the day and because kazzem has previously been jailed for stealing a couple of years back it wasn't difficult to make him a prime suspect ,during a constructive interogation by myself with him all I had to do was play reverse physcology with him and he agreed to return my battery, just because he didnt want the case to excalate.we handed him over to the police for further interrogation on who he sells the other stolen batteries too,I was shocked when I realize kazeem sells a 28thousand naira battery for 2thousand naira not caring about the discomfort he would create for the car owners when they realize there battery is missing. 
the essence of posting this video is to show does who there car battery was previously stolen how this crime was done .and to educate the general public on how unsafe there car is ,also to encourage the public that jungle justice is not the way out after a criminal is caught .And to also encourage every car owner to go to there panelbeaters and have the location of there bonnet cable changed just to avoid this crime occurance in the future , and for those saying this video would educate criminals on how to steal people's battery,well everyday for the thief one day for the owner.Alake was lucky he didnt get Jungle justice you might not be lucky . Everyone has a lesson to learn from this crime.The question is what have you learnt"

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