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5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad people

Nigeria is not where it should be at 56-years after its independence, and there are some people who are to be blamed for the woes the nation is currently facing.

56-years after her independence from Britain, Nigeria is yet to have her feet solidly put on the ground.
Below are five categories of people who we could hold accountable for the ills besetting this nation.

1. Parents

Charity they say begins from home, and when charity is lost from the home then the society becomes a waste place.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

African Parents

The failure of parents to bring up children properly, is said to be one of the greatest problems a nation like Nigeria is facing.
Many parents are to blame for some of the ills we find today in our society, as children from homes without proper care tend to grow up and become a menace in the society.

It is the believe that if children are properly trained, they would grow to become leaders who will drive the future of not just the homes they have come from, but that of the nation of their birth.

2. Teachers

Still talking about how poor foundations are part of the reasons why Nigeria is the way it is, teachers have been accused also of playing a role in the problems facing the country.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad teachers 2

Corporal punishment is not the best way to let the student get the actual lesson which a teacher is trying to pass, new innovative methods exist.
It is said that because the young ones have not been given the right direction education wise, then they become nuisance to the society in which they find themselves.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad teachers

Many students are being taught by teachers who use very wrong methods in trying to get the students to learn.
The quality of education in Nigeria is a very cogent reason why the nation is still crawling at 56. The students in various institutions are mostly tutored by unqualified teachers, and the infrastructure is not conducive enough for proper impacting of knowledge.

3. Pastors/Prophets/Imams

Nigeria as a nation has the highest number of churches and religious centres in West Africa and if care is not taken, maybe across Africa and the world at large.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad pastors 4

So many evil deeds are done these days by so called men of God who would rather swindle to make money, other than teach people the truth.
However, the presence of 5 churches on almost every street across the country, has not in anyway stopped the atrocities being committed daily, and the reason is solely because our clergymen have stopped speaking the truth and are now all about the money.

So long as one pays tithe or offerings, he or she could pass for a saint and this does not apply to Christianity only. Other religious leaders have also allowed greed lead where truth should have given direction.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad pastors 2

These days, pastors, prophets and other religious leaders commit more hideous crimes than the ones they are supposed to be leading in the path of righteousness.

Fake prophesies now fill the media and people troop to worship centres only for miracles, we have started playing politics with God.

4. Police/Law enforcement agents

The Nigerian police has become a symbol for corruption and many Nigerians do not believe that any justice or right judgement can come from the force.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad police 3

The Nigerian police must find a way to redeem itself as the force has become a disgrace to the nation.
With bribery as one of the main trouble in the NPF, so many crimes go undetected because some policemen turn a blind eye to the criminal activities.

Some policemen who have been apprehended in the act, say it is because of poor remuneration and lack of care on the part of the authorities, however, one is tempted to ask how cheap a person’s integrity can be.

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

Bad Police 2

Rather than do what they have been assigned to do, many men of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) would pervert justice for some little bribe, shaming themselves and disappointing the Nigerian people.
If the Nigerian Police Force is truly sanitized and they work hard to regain the respect they have lost, Nigeria would be a better organised place, as the people will see reasons to be more law abiding citizens.

5. Politicians

5 people to blame for the problems of Nigeria

If there is any group of people that have plunged us into the mess which we find our self today, then it is those which the people have elected to serve.

Rather than serve the nation with heart, might and passion, most Nigerian politicians see their political offices as a money making venture alone. They loot from the treasury, steal, steal from the nation’s coffers and do only that which will favour them and their family.

Nigerians for too long have been fooled by sweet talking politicians who promise the people so much but do nothing when they are elected.

Until Nigeria as a nation has a way to properly checkmate the conduct of the politicians, the nation will continue to go from bad to worse, those in power must be held responsible for all their actions.

In conclusion, we all as Nigerians have a great role to play in the building of this great nation. If we fold our arms, then the nation will go into ruins and disaster will befall everyone of us.

Every Nigerian must keep the light of truth burning in his or her little corner, we must make diligence a watchword in all our endeavors.

Nigeria might in a very bad state right now, but if the people are determined to make her great again, then she can regain her place as the giant of Africa.

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