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Top 5 things that should be done to guilty senators, Reps

Top 5 things that should be done to guilty senators, Reps

The hangman’s nose

When news broke that the Federal Government is set to sponsor a bill which will see the death penalty served as punishment for militants across the country, debates were stirred and while some welcomed the idea, many questioned it.

The Niger Delta Militants who were the primary focus of this move, are “fighting for the rights” of their people, some stressed. Their point being that the crimes the militants commit is brought about by the neglect and dearth of attention which the people suffer.

In furthering the course of this thought, some asked what should be done to corrupt officials who have contributed immensely in plundering this nation to penury and it is from the question that this piece is born.

In what can almost be dubbed the worst legislature in the history of Nigeria, Nigerians have watched as their legislators have been caught up in different scandals, from financial to sexual; a constant dance of shame on the sacred floor of the National Assembly.

Those who are supposed to obey, uphold and make laws, turn out to be the ones who break them the most.

Below are 5 things which should be done to Senators, Reps and all government officials who commit very grave crimes as we have heard and seen in the scared chambers of the National Assembly.

5. Resignation

This seems a very good option, to have the guilty legislator resign, however, one is suddenly drawn to the reality that ours has become a very corrupt country and there is no dignity or honour. Hence, it is very rare to see Nigerians resign even when the evidence against them are overwhelming, they always look for a way around it.

Resigning would have been an option, but some of the officials in question have clauses that would see them last the entire duration of their tenure. This makes resignation not a perfect choice.

4. Suspension

Suspension is another option in dealing with the corruption that has eaten deep into the Nigerian legislature. However, like the case of resignation, many will argue that crimes such as stealing from the nation’s coffers or indulging in some romp in a foreign land deserves more than mere suspension.

For if these legislators who cannot hold their own together are suspended alone, they are more likely to more harm than good on their return, afterall what is the worst that can happen, ‘its another suspension’.

3. Freeze their accounts and seize their property

This looks more like it, however, how many accounts do you know that they run? What about the monies stored in some sewage tanks? How many houses do you know that they have built? Houses bought in the name of even their grand great children  unborn.

Our legislators grow so rich from outrageous allowances, you can go ahead and freeze the account, but you might just be freezing the least of what they have.

2. Strip them naked and flog them thoroughly

For some this is taking us some centuries backwards and it raises so many flags regarding jungle justice and the likes. However, some would agree that if an example is made of one legislator, then the others will learn.

1. Death sentence

The debate over death penalty for corrupt officials has been on for quite a while, though very silent, only brought to the fore once in a while.

According to President Muhammadu Buhari ‘if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us.’

Only recently, some advocates called for the introduction of capital punishment for corrupt public officers to stem the tide of graft and brazen looting of public coffers.

This clamour was given traction by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC), and civil society which has advocated that the death penalty should be the appropriate punishment for erring corrupt officials.

According to the NLC president, Ayuba Wabba, the NLC was in support of whatever would address the issue of corruption in the country, including death sentence.

“If such capital punishment can happen in China, India and South Africa, it can also happen in Nigeria; whatever measure that will address the issue of this mind-boggling corruption in the country, NLC will support it,” he said.

There you have some options as regards what can be done to correct the ills within the legislative arm of government. Let us know what you think, do you support the death penalty for corrupt official?

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