Thursday, May 14

'Kim Kardashian Is Stealing, My Style' Kylie Jenner Cries Out

Kylie Jenner is accusing Kim Kardashian of stealing her style. In a deleted scene from Keeping up with the Kardashians, she aired her frustrations to Kourtney saying;
'She wants to do everything that I'm doing,'I really feel that Kim is cramping my style,' 'I feel like style wise we take things from each other.' 'I did this desert photo shoot and she did a desert photo shoot. And she takes everything and does it way cooler, 'And now she has short hair, I have short hair with a weave right now,' 'I don't know maybe she just wants to do everything that I'm doing.'
 Kourtney then said;
'Or maybe she doesn't have any cool ideas so you should be flattered because she thinks that you are so cool. She definitely do.'

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