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Tuesday, May 26

Emma Ugolee Initiates Petition To Minister Of Health And The Lawmakers

Former TV host Emma Ugolee, shared the message below to his contacts on all social media platforms. Please read and be moved to action.
Mandela did not set out to be a hero nor did he have a knack for public admiration or recognition. He simply responded to his circumstances with his set of values and vision. I am not trying to make a name for myself, I cannot help but commence this struggle for the millions who need me to. By virtue of my circumstances, the game chose me.
I have petitioned the minister of health & the law makers of the house of assembly to consider & ultimately pass a bill on the subsidising of the cost of dialysis.

Why should it cost almost half a million a month to stay alive with kidney disease‎ In Nigeria when it is almost free in poorer countries like Sudan & Namibia? Absolutely free in Ivory Coast. Senators and the likes we have approached seem interested and willing to push. I will knock as loud, as ‎hard and as long as it takes to get this bill off the bucket list. But picture this being done without you, now that's a laugh. So please, we need signatures only. 30 seconds after you follow the link below and you're done. Target is 500 thousand signatures. You need to have seen my new 13 year old friend gasping for air needing dialysis but having to wait in his mother's arms for his father to confirm the money was on the way before he got on the machine. Broke my heart.
Please just sign. I beg of you and tell a friend. - Emma Ugolee
Sign - HERE

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