Thursday, July 20

Spanish Hit Song "Despacito"Â dethrones Justin Bieber's "Sorry" To Become The Most-Streamed Song Of All Time

Spanish Summer hit song 'Despacito' by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee has become the most streamed track ever, dethroning Justin Bieber's Sorry, which had occupied the spot for nearly two years.
The Puerto Rican hit song made the history on Wednesday after getting 4.6 billion streams on YouTube and Spotify, according to Universal Music Latin Entertainment.
Despacito, which means "slowly" in Spanish, was released in January in both its original form and a remix featuring Justin Bieber.
Reacting to the achieved milestone, Fonsi said: "Streaming is a connector for audiences worldwide
and it has helped my music reach every corner of the planet," Fonsi said in a statement. "It is truly an honor that 'Despacito' is now the most streamed song in history."
Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music, also said that "streaming has opened up the possibility of a song with a different beat, from a different culture, and in a different language to become a juggernaut of success around the world.'
The non-stop song which has been on a constant play around the world and occupying the top of the Spanish charts, is quite the accomplishment for a Spanish-language tune.

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