Tuesday, July 11

“I want to break Michael Jackson’s Record” - Singer Humblesmith says

Singer Humblesmith says his dream is to break the record set by king of pop music, Michael Jackson. Humblesmith disclosed this in a recent interview with Broadway TV.

"I want to break Micheal Jackson's record. It sounds funny. I sounds crazy. It sounds as if this guy is mad oh,he don dey craze.
But it is all about belief you know. When I was young, watching Micheal Jackson back then, he was more like a god, people worship Micheal Jackson. I'm not saying that people should worship me oh, but you see that standard, that is what I ant to break. So my future is very bright,very huge"he said He also disclosed that a man has asked him out before "Yes, personally I a straightforward person. I am not gay. I have had that before but I had to turn the person down respectfully. I don't disrespect people. Your sexual life is yours".

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