Monday, April 17

Read this hilarious Whatsapp conversation between a father and his daughter who needs N30k to pass a course

hilarious Whatsapp conversation
Do you care to have a good laugh this morning? Then Continue reading..
A Whatsapp conversation between a Nigerian Lady and her father is currently making rounds on Social Media. The lady buzzed her dad for some money, N30,000 to be precise for an excursion to Obudu. She noted that the payment for the excursion elapses on the 1st of May, adding that “The payment includes feeding, hotel accomodation & transporation”.

As a Nigerian Father that he is, he read the chats, but refused to reply his daughter.. He even ignored her calls.. Not until she said she was gonna “Carry the course” if they payment isn’t made.
From the chats, it seem the girl is in 200 level.
Check out the Father’s reply below… Lol
hilarious Whatsapp conversation
hilarious Whatsapp conversation

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