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Nigerian bride calls out wedding vendor, Moyosore Adeniran Jaman of 'House of Emwai' events for being fraudulent!

moyo emwai
From Left, the dessert the bride paid for....Right, what the vendor delivered to guests and bottom, the wicked vendor
 So at a Nigerian wedding that happened recently, a bride ordered and fully paid for the dessert fudge on the left, only for the vendor, Moyosore Adeniran Jaman of House of Emwai events to deliver the desert on the right.

And that's not all, this fraudulent vendor went on to serve burnt small chops to the wedding guests.

Guys, this vendor needs to be sued, lol, read the bride's message and see more photos below:

 "House of Emwai, is apparently a fraud, beware people!  She knew she was going to serve this crap and ensured that i made full payment before the day. 
The brunt small chops she served
What the bride paid for
I felt embarrassed that such rubbish was served to my guests. I paid the exact amount she requested for without negotiating the cost. Who serves desserts in a pack? Despite telling her I wasn't satisfied with her service, she hasn't deemed it fit to tender any apology.
Image result for small chops and lettuce
What the bride paid for
I have gotten over it and the hundreds of thousand paid but I just need people to know this and be aware so as not to fall prey into her hands.

Before letting any vendor handle anything for you at your wedding, be sure the vendor is up to the task. Do not go all out trusting the vendor because of  his/her IG photos or word of mouth or cos you want to encourage a friend. This is your BIG day and you wouldn't want any vendor or so-called friend that you are "trying to encourage" to ruin it up for you. Give it to the EXPERTS.

May be it unto her as she done to what she delivered at my wedding."

A guest at the wedding also corroborated the account and said "I tasted the cake my self at the wedding and couldn't believe it when the bride said what she ordered was the one top left. What she supplied was burnt cake that was harder than cookies" 

May God deliver us from fraudulent wedding vendors, Amen!

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