Monday, April 10

Dogs Prevent Two Suicide Bombers From Detonating Explosives At a Chapel In University Of Maiduguri

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, two male suicide bombers were killed last night at the University of Maiduguri after being stopped by dogs from wreaking havoc on the academic community. The incident occurred at about 10.30pm local time behind the Chapel of Grace inside the university.

"The bombers blew themselves up as soon as they sighted the dogs barking at them as they could no longer help the situation," a staff of the university, Abubakar Mohammed, said.

"They came in through the back door and were prepared to denote the bombs before they were sighted by the dogs which prevented them from unleashing another mayhem on the university community," the grief-stricken Mohammed added.

A suicide bomber had sneaked into the university campus in January and entered a mosque where Muslims were observing the early morning prayer, killing a professor and injuring several others.

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