Sunday, April 9

Angry Nigerian Lady destroys hubby’s car, after he beat her till she bled

Nigerian Lady destroys
A woman in retaliation has destroyed the wind-screen of her husband after he beat her so hard blood came out of her eyes.

This was first shared by advocate and Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye. Below is what he wrote:
Apparently, there was an argument. The man wanted to assert his authority. He beat his wife so hard that blood came out of her eyes. The woman was so upset, she ran downstairs and used a stick to smash the windscreen of the man’s car. The pictures confirm this.
The woman admitted to me that she wondered if she should stab him with a knife in self defense. That is another aspect of domestic violence, which we haven’t discussed much – domestic violence can also lead to the death of the man. The fight against domestic violence is also in the interest of the man.
We have reported this matter to the police. I will not insist that the man be arrested because of the peculiar facts of this case. We are urging the police to investigate the case and get both parties to commit to the maintenance of peace.
Again, I commend Advocate Adebanjo for being a great representative of this group.

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