Monday, April 17

Alarm raised about two thieves going around disguised as housemaids

According to one of their victims: "Warning to everyone. Please do not employ these girls in the picture as house helps (the first one in yellow is Mariam while the other is Taiwo). They work with robbers and fraudsters.
My sister and I got the two girls from the same agent, Mr Salfu from Togo but he lives in Saki area of Oyo state. The one in yellow worked for me for 6 weeks meanwhile I paid the agent 6 months in advance.

She ran away last week with my gold wristwatch, Samsung grand duos phone and some of my clothes, leaving my son alone in the house with the doors opened, neighbors saw her leaving on a bike with two bags.

The other one left my sister's house after 2 weeks, meanwhile she also paid for 6 months in advance. We have been calling the agent since then and he started by saying we were calling a wrong number, later he stopped picking our calls. Please share to alert everyone."

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