Sunday, March 26

With Maima I Messed Up” - Ice Prince confesses on his crashed affair

Much as it was generally believed that Ice Prince broke up with his French-Ghanaian girlfriend, Maima, because she was caught cheating on him with a married man, the young man has come to her defence, saying he was the one that messed up in the relationship.

The singer, while speaking exclusively to Saturday Beats, said Maima never cheated on him.
“She didn’t cheat on me. I never caught her cheating and I never suspected her to be cheating on me. I was the one that messed up. That is all I can tell you. It is gone now. I don’t intend to say how I messed up. Right now, I am single.”
ice prince and maima
When asked if he has got over her, he quickly said, “I’m not trying to get over her, I am over her already. I am trying to rearrange my life and make money and establish my brand.”
In previous interviews, music act Ice Prince spoke of his relationships and always described himself as the one who always messes up his relationships due to his tendency to cheat.

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