Monday, March 6

Which one is "it can only be God"- Filmmaker comes for actors who only thank God during award speeches

Nigerian filmmaker, Niyi Akinolayan has called out Nigerian actors who give thanks to God during their award speeches, saying the votes are determined by human judges and not God.
The AMVCA 2017 awards got lots of celebrities thanking God for their award, but he feels it's unnecessary. 

Read what he posted below....

"Nigerians and their obsession with "thanking God" at award ceremonies. That's a great platform to reach a lot of people and say really important stuff. Why do you think thanking and giving glory to god is the most important thing you can say at an award show determined by votes and human judges. Sigh! Which one is "it can only be God".

 It's a company recognizing great talent and largely protecting their interests too. It's not god!!!"

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