Sunday, March 26

Only God could have done this! My husband left me with four young children and went to live with another woman with five children

For the newbies, the every Sunday KFB Only God Could Have Done This series, is an inspirational column that lets readers send in their testimonies of how God has been faithful to restore and rekindle hope in others. 
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Read today's testimony below as sent in by a KFBer:
Hi Kemi congrats on your wedding, please share this testimony of mine with the KFB family....

Family is the greatest thing to happen to man and woman.
It is the first thing  that  the Lord established. But it is becoming or do I say it has become  the last  the devil is attacking.
But the Bible says,' There is hope for a tree cut down........'
I believe if the dew of Heaven falls on the tree lying helplessly on the ground, it will sprout again.
My husband left me with four young children  and went to live with another woman with five children.
What could have caused the problem? 
Even if I was the one that is  guilty, what could have made my husband to leave his once- beautiful- growing- family
Our children were not bad in the sense of it,. Rather, they are the type of children parents will ask for.
I never prayed for unsettled family home. We both adored our children until the enemy struck  and he left us.
We were careless with each other emotions
He went and did nit look back for  a number of years.
I did not bother at first. I could take care of the children. This I had felt.
Until the Lord Jesus ministered life to me. I had to yield to HIS call. I had to obey Him.
God's Word rang in my ears,:,' I hate divorce...'
I thank God for the healing in my heart. I begged God to help rebuild the ruins we had made of our home.
I prayed and fasted, yet nothing happened..
The battle over our home became more fierce. We had given the  devil the chance to cover a lot of,  if not, all the grounds
I took the matter to the Man of God  to the Camp of the believers, to  help me .
I told God I was ready to beg my husband to come back home if I saw him.
The Man of God of high repute just gave a short prayer and declared that my husband would come back to us begging to be accepted.
It sounded unbelievable!
But that was what my Daddy in Heaven did.
Sooner than we expected, a knock was heard on our door. Guess who was there?
Our ' lost but restored ' part that the enemy  had severed from the whole ' joints and marrows '
The children are doing well. And we all decided and agreed to let go and forgive one another.
It was not easy by human judgement but the Great Healer, the Great Comforter  and Restorer  of lost hope brought us out of our distresses and self delusions.
The devil is now put to shame and victory becomes ours.
Thank You, Jesus for loosing my husband from the pang of eternal damnation  and from the laps of a strange woman.
Praise the Lord with me.

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