Sunday, March 26

Ngozi Nwosu hasn't given up on marriage...

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Whatever you do, never say it to veteran actress, Ngozi Nwosu’s hearing that she is no longer relevant in the make-believe world. That would cause her to flare up.

In a recent chat with Sunday Scoop, the thespian stated emphatically, “I have never taken a break from acting and I am always working, moving from one set to another. If you do your research, you will find out that I am one of the top 10 actors in the movie industry at the moment.”
The Fuji House of Commotion actress also says though she is in her 50s, she hasn’t given up on marriage. She said, “Only God knows what the future holds and I know that his plans for me are always good. I don’t work according to other people’s time and when it’s the right moment for me, things would fall into place.”

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