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A Case Study In The MIND Of The Housemates In A Reality TV Show: BBNaija Top 6 Participants"

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 "A Case Study In The MIND Of The Housemates In A Reality TV Show: BBNaija Top 6 Participants"

Using the parameters; Strategic & Sentiments!!! In the last week of nominations at the Big Brother Naija house (See Gobee), the host of the program, Ebuka Obi Uchendu informed them that they could conspire to nominate, but shouldn't whisper as this is against the rules of the show.

At this point, Marvis, Bisola and Efe were already a team and Bally joined them to form an alliance against the duo, Tboss and Debbie Rise.

During their nomination, this was how they VOTED;

Marvis: Debbi Rise & Tboss
Reason: They are a huge competition.
Efe: Debbie Rise & Tboss
Reason: They are manipulators.

Bisola: Debbie Rise & Tboss
Reason: I see them as threat because the audience loves them.

Bally: Debbie rise & Tboss
Reason: Strategically, they are a threat to my winning the game.
Tboss : Marvis & Efe
Reason: I know they voted me.
Efe is a strong competition
For Marvis, I'm not close to her.

Debbie rise: Marvis & Efe
I care more about the other housemates than these 2. So, I prefer to have them in the house with me. Marvis wasn't up the previous week and I respect Bisola more. I doesn't think Marvis is my competition.

Final Verdict!
Efe, Marvis, Tboss & Debbie Rise were nominated
Efe was saved and replaced with Bally by the head of house, Bisola.
Reason: This is because Efe saved her the previous week.
As Viewers, we all know that Efe is Bisola's greatest threat in this game.

In Conclusion: Participating in a reality TV show program involves a lot of emotions (good, bad & ugly) and the housemates are faced with a roller coaster of psychological issues.

So, is this reality TV show based on STRATEGY or SENTIMENT.
You be the JUDGE!

P.S: This is how some of us act in our every day lives....Be advised to know when to be strategic and when to be sentimental.

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