Sunday, February 19

That awkward moment when a Woman married herself at her 40th birthday party because she has no interest in being in a relationship (photos)

 A woman is marrying herself because she has no interest in being in a relationship.

Lynne Gollogly, 39, has decided to take a vow of solitude and says she now has "no interest" in being in a relationship, and is entirely "happy being me".
 Lynne's planning to have a ceremony in April. She's having a full-blown white wedding, with a traditional dress and marriage party. She's going to Rome for a honeymoon.

“You know, I’ve had a lot of potentials in the past, but I’m not just going to settle for anyone just so I fit into today’s society," she told Daily Mirror
“I’ve been single for a while now and have no interest in being in a relationship. I did get engaged once, when I was younger, but it was silly and nothing came of it.
“I think with these things I’d never says never – but I’m not going to hang around for much longer.” “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do, and because ‘Mr. Right’ hasn’t turned up yet – I’m just going to go a head and get married without him.
My family and friends know full well that I’m bonkers though, so this hasn’t come as a shock to them.I thought this way I could give loved ones an opportunity to wear their wedding outfits and celebrate just being my quirky self.”

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